Authentic connection is at the core of our happiness. If we do not experience relationships that are mutually empowering and attuned, we suffer.

Welcome to my psychotherapy site.  

Your past has brought you where you are today.  How you relate to this moment will determine your future.  In order to make changes in your life, you must first understand how your past influences your view of the present.  

Together, we can look at what may have been difficult to look at alone.  We can work on shedding some light on some of the obstacles you encounter that hinder your ability to be happy in the present moment.  

It's hard to ask for help.  But, when you take that first step and reach out, you realize you no longer have to face it alone.  A therapeutic relationship has a healing effect.  There are benefits in feeling heard.  

It takes time to choose the right therapist.  Feel free to explore my website. 

You may call me at (818) 343-7714 or email me and I'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about beginning therapy.